the Paisley Paradise

As I sit in my humble abode, I ponder what I should write first. I’ve been asked many times before in this life of mine if I have some sort of attention deficit disorder because I can be a bit of a scatter brain. The answer to that life long question (to my knowledge at least) would be no. Though, when you are a creator, it can sometimes be hard to focus all of your energy into one thing. I mean there is a whole world out there that’s tangible but all of our thoughts are floating in these galaxies that we call minds.

My mind has a bit of anxiety, a glimmer of hope, and a dash of paisley. Paisley, a more than beautiful print, symbolizes more than fashion for me. It is my comfortable haven after a long day at work, it is my best friend after life doesn’t treat me right, it is my 70s disco where my canary yellow lava lamp’s reflection can beam while my self proclaimed dance party is occurring.

In this Paisley Paradise I call my room, I have my most intimate thoughts where I question my existence and my place in this world. A teenage girl in an upcoming town can feel insignificant at times. After my history with not being in my senior yearbook, questions full of anxiety begin to terrorize my Mind’s galaxy with weapons so potent they can turn my best days into my worst days. Missiles of existential crisis and bombs of hopelessness seem to frequently be dropped upon my Zen garden. Luckily for my forest, I have a green thumb and can nurse my thoughts back to health with a dab of futuristic thinking and mellow tunes. Currently, my Hales Corner album is playing and life is serene.

I’m not entirely sure if my writings will reach anyone but it is a special thing for me. I can take on various occupations and live life through the eyes of different workers. I get to be a seamstress one day and weave my complex quilt of stories and then I get to be a blacksmith the next and forage my hard metal thoughts into a shimmering silver sword that I can cut the negative thoughts with. The world is my oyster and my Paisley Paradise is just a skyscraper that overlooks it.



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