Peace of Mind 

Sorrow, understanding, and tranquility. These are words and feelings that have been manifested into my reality these last three days. One might ask how someone can find sorrow and tranquility in such a short time span. Well, as they say, “A lot can change in 24 hours.” Apparently, a lot can change in 3 hours. I found this out three days ago when I was faced with a situation that at the time was the dark overcast above my head. It’s funny how people can want to be in the eye of a storm. Eminent danger is around but you are in the midst of peace. Sorrow is my hurricane and tranquility is my bunker in which I can be tucked away and feel safe. Allowing yourself to feel peace over a situation that you have no control over is where tranquility lies. Now, if only I can practice what I preach. As I scramble to gather my belongings and race to my bunker, fear grips me and the uncertainty of how long it will take me to fight through the sorrow keeps me at a slow, somber limp versus a hasty dive to tranquility. Having security and knowing all of the answers would make things easier, but the journey is more helpful because you gain life experience that you didn’t have before. While my limp gradually turns into a fast walk, I see my final destination of peace but still can appreciate my struggle to navigate the terrain of Sorrow’s land. 


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