Mogley vibes 

Growing up, I would hear various ideas expressed with one central theme. The central theme was that life was like a jungle. When you’re a young child, the only images that you get of the jungle are the rose colored glasses view with animals in a zoo, safari rides through animal kingdom, and the Jungle Book. As one gets older though, you start to realize how many similarities the world holds to a jungle. The word “jungle” seems to create less of an idea of this sort of elusive place with rocky terrain and various species. The world is just that and the people that are in this world are kind of like vines. You grasp on to these people in order to get to each new stage in your life. It can be easier at times to walk through life alone but vines are a much more fun way of transportation. If there are rough terrains ahead that are sure to cut your feet, it’d be in one’s best interest to cling onto these vines and travel better to the next stop. Vines also hang from trees which mean that they are a part of something bigger than just  themselves. Roots that are deeply engrained into the ground can symbolize many things, but morals and values are the big ones for me. Though these vines may seem flimsy at times, we must take time to understand that all vines are a part of this thing that is more than just meets the eye. Though the vine is what we see on the surface, it is ever so important to get to know the tree that they come from so that we can have a better understanding of why that vine is the way that it is. Why it may not be as strong as the other vines or why it doesn’t swing quite as freely as another. A jungle holds so many different species of organisms so the next time we decide to take a stroll (or swing) through it, we must not forget to stop and appreciate all of its various attributes that make it this collective beautiful place.


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