Beach Rock vibes

As an observant person, I tend to be more drawn to things that make not only my eyes, but my heart beam. That is to say that things which are aesthetically pleasing are fine and dandy, but  what draws me in are the things that aren’t on the surface level. For example, though I like new things, I’m typically not as excited about those things as I am when I stumble upon something with age and character. A few months ago, I found a vintage vanity online. When I went to go pick it up, I was more than eager to learn of what the vanity had been through. Come to find out, it was from the 1920s and had been passed down through two generations of people. I got this warm feeling inside almost like I was being let in on a secret that had been stowed away. I get that same fuzzy feeling when I meet a new person. As a Gemini, it’s a character trait to have a natural gift of communicating with others. Though I can generally get along with any kind of person, I just can’t contain my excitement when I meet someone who’s vibes are on the same wavelength as mine. Normally, I meet these people while I’m out and about or I’ll get introduced through a friend. I mean typically like minded people are like birds and tend to flock to each other. Another character trait that people share with birds is that they fly away at the change of the season. Well the winds of change are upon us folks and we’re unexplored parks that these various birds need to rest at. The time to interact and get to know these birds is now. There are so many different kinds so you’re bound to find one that likes what your park has to offer so welcome them. Put aside your preconceived notions and branch out with the hope of letting positive energy in. That’s not to say let any ole bird into your park but let the kindhearted ones leave an imprint on your terrain. Life has too many uncertainties to always carry the weight of an unnecessary burden such as indecision. Show your colors to the world and the world will in turn respond. The combining of colors will make the most beautiful of collages. What will you have to lose by just being yourself? I don’t know just food for thought. 


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