Passion and happiness: for Dummies

“Do what makes you happy”. This is by far one of the most overused and cliche lines out there. I’ve never necessarily cared for this statement because in my mind, this gave people the autonomy to go out and do whatever the heck they wanted to because that’s what made them happy. When I first started to analyze this saying, I was at a point in where I thought I knew everything and in my mind, overthinking and over analyzing equalled an expression of knowledge on any subject. I was a true intellect (according to me). 

The funny thing about getting in touch with your intellectual side is that you have to let go of some of it to gain perspective. The wisest people know that they don’t know much. I threw my inhibitions off, I dove into mind, and as I slowly am beginning to swim to the surface, that little phrase has never been so daunting. As a self proclaimed passionate being, I became faced with the harsh reality that I’m not truly passionate about anything in life. Though that sounds a tad depressing, I am so grateful to meet this sad truth head on because I can undergo a new self discovery. 

What can I wake up and do every day without resentment? I love to write and I love music, so I’ve recently revisited my acoustic guitar that’s been catching dust and I’m brushing up on my writing abilities in the form of songwriting. So far I’m really enjoying the time to revisit my former joys and I’m on the way to happy. 

The next time someone asks you what makes you happy, really assess that small thought because I believe happiness is the true success in life. Though success can temporarily be measured in material things, material things can’t always make you smile and give you the drive to move forward like happiness and passion can. 


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